How many passengers can the new Toyota RAV4 hold? See if the class- leading Toyota RAV4 offers the space you need while on the. Front leg and head room are fine but, if you're really long in the leg or body, you might want to try the CR-V, which is slightly more spacious overall. The RAV4's. Find information on Toyota RAV4 dimensions, from interior and exterior dimensions to available legroom Interior Dimensions, front/second-row seats ( in.).

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See Toyota 7-passenger vehicles from every angle, step inside tech-savvy 7 seater vehicles, many of which have available seating for up to 8 passengers. The RAV4 seats five and comes standard with cloth upholstery. Synthetic leather upholstery, a power-adjustable driver's seat, heated and ventilated front seats. The seats are supportive, though the narrow cabin and low cushions limit comfort somewhat in the back seat. Still, the RAV4's passenger space is pretty typical.

Find out how the Toyota RAV4 will fit the bill with this quick guide that answers the question – how much cargo and passenger space is in the. Passengers are able to stretch out while riding in style inside the crossover, but just how many people can fit inside the RAV4? Read on. How Much Can the Toyota Rav4 Haul & Tow? Nothing compares to the cargo and passenger convenience that a crossover SUV like the.

The Toyota RAV4 is about more than just capable Redesigned for , the Toyota RAV4 interior has gotten just as much attention from the critics as The RAV4 doesn't neglect rear passengers, though — available. Results 1 - 20 of 42 Rav 4 how many passengers. 02 Oct. about the weight, seating capacity, cargo volume, and fuel tank capacity of the Toyota RAV4 from. Which model of Toyota RAV4 has 2 tone seats? Views What's a lie you told that turned into something much worse? I'm a nurse. With 60/40 split rear fold down seats, the Toyota Rav4 can take on a combination of cargo and passengers. When the rear seats remain in. Ride quality and steering feel are much improved, but the RAV4 still isn't an athlete. most models come with nicely trimmed cabins, easy-to-fold rear seats. How much space is inside the RAV4? By Product Expert The Toyota RAV4 has a seating capacity of five passengers. With two rows of. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid First Drive: Electric Boogaloo the fifth-generation compact crossover will be offered exclusively with five seats. While he did not go into many details, the Toyota representative said we'll have to. Could New Toyota RAV4 Get Three Row And EV Variants? “I think we have different options for seven seats, we have the Highlander. The Toyota RAV4 interior offers spacious dimensions, perfect for fitting your Passenger Space: Drivers enjoy as much as inches of. The Toyota RAV4 is a seven passenger compact crossover available with two different engines and the choice of standard FWD or optional 4WD.