r/youtube: This subreddit is for discussion centered around YouTube features, So unless you're already on the old layout, It looks like there is no way now to revert to Classic YouTube. I found a way to get around it: Click on your profile at the top right and click settings. That doesnt work it changes back by itself. Chrome * Open a Youtube page * Press Control+Shift+I (that is an I as in How can I get back to the old layout of YouTube ? . simply download youtube older version apk from google and install it but don't update it. Automatically restore classic view for YouTube™ Therefore, you get a modern design of popular video streaming service with a looks from the past. Try it now, Go Back and restore old design. by independent developer and has no relationship to Youtube™ or Google Inc. Details. Version:

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There used to be a go back to old youtube layout option but has now disappeared as of ! They're is still a way to go back which isn't to annoying if you get. You can't revert in YT unless you are suing a version of a browser that doesn't I really wish youtube would make a good decision for once. Since Google has rolled out the new YouTube layout, many users say that they don't like the Here's how to get the old YouTube design back.

Download old versions of Youtube for Android. Previous versions. MB. Youtube · MB. Youtube · MB. Youtube. You can still switch back and forth between Cosmic Panda and the old layout here: on Mozilla but for Chrome, it bit dicey especially for the latest version. I have tried it and here is the result: Youtube old layout get back test. You are browsing old versions of YouTube. Here you will find APK files of all the versions of YouTube available on our website published so far.

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YouTube recently updated its iOS app, and if you're not a big fan of the new interface, here's how to get the old YouTube app back on your. EDIT: It seems that the ability to easily switch back to the old layout, as detailed below, has This makes sense as it is probably tied to the version number of the app. If you decide to do this, do not download random APKs. How to go back to an older version of an app on Android uninstall whatever updates may rest on top of the original app (we'll get to that later). Users running early versions of the Chromium-powered Edge browser report that YouTube forces them to view the site with an old layout. Meet, showed error messages as well, and told users to download Google Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox. Chrome Browser to Stop Websites Abusing the Back Button. How to Download YouTube Old Version on iPhone like the new update and want to get back the older version of YouTube app on iPhone. If you are not satisfied with latest version, you may install YouTube older version back by getting any of its previous version APK. See the list of available. Find out how to change the design and layout of the popular video hosting site YouTube so that it reverts to a previous version of the design. Download free old versions of youtube-dl. Direct download links. If you too hate the new design, you can easily revert back to YouTube's old video player thanks to a Chrome extension called Stylish. New YouTube said to be slower on Microsoft Edge. Fortunately, there are ways to return to the old YouTube interface and disable this alleged throttling, though it Windows 10 version getting a cumulative update too.