Fredua Koranteng Freddy Adu (born June 2, ) is a Ghanaian-born American soccer player. He plays primarily as an attacking midfielder, but he is also. According to his birth certificate, however, he was born on June 2, , in the Naturally, Freddy Adu turned to soccer, playing with other children at his school. Born in Ghana in , Adu played soccer as a kid in pickup games against men three times as old as him. In , the Adu family won a green-card lottery.

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Not too many life-altering decisions are made at that age – unless you're Freddy Adu. At 14, the Ghana-born teenager was putting pen to paper. One Friday evening late last month, after the rain had come and gone, Freddy Adu drove his black Cadillac sedan into a parking lot in the. Adu, Freddy June 2, • Tema, Ghana [1] Soccer player Freddy Adu [2] is like any According to his birth certificate, however, he was born on June 2,

Freddy Adu was born in Ghana in and his family moved to the United States when he was eight years old. His ball handling abilities and overall soccer. On January 16, , Freddy Adu made headlines around the world The Ghana-born attacking midfielder had moved to the US in and. 'You can only have so many chances': Freddy Adu, without a soccer Adu, born in Ghana but raised in Montgomery County, lives in Rockville.

About. Ghana-born American winger who was a highly regarded soccer prodigy and became the youngest athlete to ever sign a professional contract in the. Freddy Adu was touted as the next big thing in football when he burst moniker was slapped on the back of the precocious Ghanaian-born. Full Name: Fredua Koranteng Adu. Date of Birth: Jun 2, Place of Birth: Tema Ghana. Age: Height: 1,70 m. Citizenship: United States Ghana. Position .

Twelve years ago, MLS drafted year-old phenom Freddy Adu, who where Adu was born in Ghana, but found no evidence that Adu was. Fredua Koranteng 'Freddy' Adu was born on June 2, in the seaport town of Tema, Ghana, in West Africa. His parents, Maxwell and Emelia. At 14, Freddy Adu put pen to paper on a sponsorship deal with Nike worth more than $,, after he Born in June , in Tema, Ghana. Fredua Koranteng Adu, known to much of the world as Freddy Adu was born June 2, in the port city of Tema, Ghana. Growing up in. Fredua Koranteng Freddy Adu or simply known as Freddy Adu is a Ghanian born American professional soccer player who plays as an. The name of Freddy Adu has become synonymous with that of the potential of the young man who was born on June 2, , in Tema. Freddy Adu can do just about anything he wants with a soccer ball, including fake much older players right out of their cleats. People who know. Freddy Adu was born on June 2, in Tema, Ghana as Fredua Koranteng Adu . With it, they did something that no team in the history of American sports had ever done: they drafted a year-old. Freddy Adu, born in Ghana. Freddy Adu, Self: Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Freddy Adu was born on June 2, in Tema, Ghana as Fredua Koranteng Adu.