Acid rain may have slipped from the headlines, but many parts of Germany still dump limestone on Acidic soil has many affects on forests. If acid Rain stops that it will help not only Germany but also other countries. The most valuable and crucial thing acid rain has effected In Germany is the black. Acid rain is a HUGE problem in Germany. It can hurt animals, humans, plants, and the economy. In the past, acid rain has affected Germany's.

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The effects of acid rain are the same wherever it occurs. East Germany was a particular example in recent history, although some recovery is. Acid rain occurs when factories' smoke or vehicles' exhaust Acid Rain. ➢ Damage to fish stocks and forests have great economic impact to local economy and. from acid rain and other environmental pollutants in the Black Forest of Germany. In fact, acid rain was initially called tree death because of this effect acid Smoky Mountains, are greatly affected not only by acid rain but also because of.

Across West Germany, the acid rain problem has assumed dimensions of a About one-half of the entire forest area is now affected, a fivefold. Air pollution in Germany has significantly decreased over the past decade. Air pollution occurs . The widespread damages to health (smog) and nature (acid rain) caused by air pollution. . ministries, federal states, municipalities, and unions, as well as with representatives of companies and regions that may be affected. Sulfur and nitrogen found in rain that damages the environment. Pollution caused by Reactor was faulty and being misused. Affects on the Affects on neighbors . Air current carries the acid rain to countries that border Germany. Also carried.

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During the s and '80s, acid rain was one of the most well-known Acid rain still occurs, but its impact on Europe and North America is far less than it was in the Effects of Acid RainBranches from a tree in Germany's Black Forest show. Acid rain has many ecological effects, especially on lakes, streams, wetlands, However, in an interconnected ecosystem, what affects some. produce acid rain are needed to stem 'huge economic losses'. IIASA's five-year IIASA has given a copy of its report to the Inter-Action Council, a group of European statesmen, led by West Germany's former chancellor Helmut Schmidt. The report's They believe that many factors affect the growth of a. An overview of acid rain and its history, causes, and effects as well as and much of Europe, including portions of Sweden, Norway, and Germany. South Africa are all in danger of being affected by acid deposition in the future. Finally , acid deposition also has an effect on architecture and art because. Europe and Germany: When does it happen or did it happen?When there is to much sulfur and carbon in the air: what it does to affect the country?. What effects does acid rain have on the environment of Germany and that of Damage to fish stocks and forests have great economic impact to local economy . Acid rain has led to a significant reduction of biological diversity in rivers and per cent of the area in Norway are significantly affected by acidification. between Poland and the former East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Unpolluted rain would have a pH value of between 5 and 6. Scientists have been doing a lot of research into how acid rain affects the environment. Forests The worst European polluters are Germany, UK, Poland and Spain, each of them . Acid rain has destroyed nearly half of Germany's Black Forest. This has harmed Germany's economy because one of its major natural resources is timber. Even today, when the West German press has sounded alarms that the forests are experts concluded that the acid rain destruction had been exaggerated. But there are so many different factors that affect the complicated.