Hi Aftab, You can use magicJack with either a regular telephone handset, or with a headset. You can also Does Magic Jack work in India?. I seem to end up in this forum quite frequently although I'm a complete Luddite [ like my post from last year inquirying if my cell phone would. The magicJack device uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) to allow you to make local and long-distance calls to the U.S. and Canada using an existing internet connection. magicJack is easy to set up with your existing high-speed internet connection and home phone.

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Whether traveling for work or fun, magicJack makes it free and easy to call back to the U.S. Forget international calling cards or buying foreign phone service. losing your service. Start by entering your magicJack phone number to lookup your account. calls in minutes. Learn How It Works India from. ¢. /min. About Us; About magicJack · Contact · Reseller Application · Investors · Press. Help; Customer Care · How magicJack Works · Subscriber Agreement · Canada.

Operating System, works on Windows, Mac and Other. Additional Features, Magic Jack Go With New Features, 10$ Credit For calling to Other Counties . So,basically I needed a US FREE PHONE here at India.. One of friend said I have used my magicjack for a long time now and it works great. FREE calls to USA / Canada!!! Magic Jack now in INDIA!!! EASY TO USE – JUST PLUG IT IN. This product has caused a telecommunications revolution in USA!.

Priority Delivery within India across + pincodes The magicJack Express comes with 12 months of free service and includes a Excellent Team work. My inlaws have been using Magic-Jack from India for the last year. They have a local Bay Area number, it works beautifully from India. Does it work? How is the voice quality given the typical internet connection in India? It works fine for one of my expat friend. I am not a lawyer. How does it work? The original MagicJack plugged into your computer's USB port and piggybacked on its internet connection. A standard. we are providing magicjack device.. for unlimited calls in usa or canada. @ just Rs. And magicjack plus @ INR. brand new sealed pack magicjack. I see lots of negative reviews for magicJack - it doesn't work, can't use it with my .. I also tried it with a 10$ prepaid card for India calling and calls keep dropping . The MagicJack Go works as good as my old Verizon fios land line phone. .. time waiting on hold, and the representative I talked is a Indian person from India. magicJack is a device that plugs into a USB port on the user's computer and has a standard The magicJack device works exclusively with the company's captive landline supplier and competitive local exchange carrier, YMAX. Voicemail is. MyLine now offers 4 ways to Call India: Toll Free, Local Access, VoIP Apps, Access using Use MagicJack to connect to MyLine and Save $$ on all your calls!. What are some cards / providers that can work with Magic Jack for calling India at a good rate? I tried LocalPhone but they have also advised.