While the turkey is coming to room temp, prepare your deep frying pot. The pot should be large enough to hold the turkey, oil and have enough room to contain. Skip the oven and try Alton Brown's Deep-Fried Turkey recipe from Good Eats on Food Approximately 4 to 4 1/2 gallons peanut oil* (See Cook's Note). Try Paula Deen's Deep-Fried Turkey recipe from Food Network. It's a sure-fire way to keep your holiday bird juicy on the inside and crispy on the Cook's Note.

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Cut any extra skin away from the neck area and make sure neck hole is at least Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe - Delicious, juicy and tender, this recipe was. A twelve pound turkey will cook for about 45 minutes. Deep-frying makes the turkey crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside (even the white meat). For a moist (but not greasy!) bird, PM automotive editor Mike Allen Yeah, I know, a deep-fried turkey sounds like it would have to be greasy.

I had never in my life had a turkey so juicy, flavorful and delicious We have fried turkey for several years in a row now, and have a few pro tips. How to make deep fried turkey safely and easily indoors! reduced when deep frying a turkey, so the turkey is incredibly moist and juicy. These recipes are sure to deliver a dish that's moist, crispy, and all-around If cooked the right way, a deep-fried turkey can make your.

Get the recipe for Alton Brown's popular Deep-Fried Turkey recipe, that does not have the crunchy skin but makes for a very moist turkey. A classic deep-fried turkey with Southern rub recipe. Not only is your bird done in 40 minutes, but it ends up amazingly juicy, not at all greasy, with skin that's crispy beyond belief. Also, at frying time, give your oil plenty of time to heat up. Deep frying a turkey can be risky business. But HowStuffWorks will show you how to do it right and be rewarded with a succulent and juicy bird. Deep frying a turkey is a very fast method of cooking that is gaining in popularity. The turkey comes out very moist and tasty with dark, crispy. Deep frying a turkey for the holidays is a quick way to cook that turkey for your 30 minutes of cooking time to have a delicious, moist turkey. An easy, no-fail method for deep-fried turkey, with safety tips for It creates a juicy, perfectly browned turkey that oozes with deliciousness. Plus. And in Louisiana, they have, by doing the unthinkable: deep-frying an entire turkey in a bubbling vat of peanut oil or lard. The result is delicious, surprisingly. Deep-frying a turkey is a bit of an undertaking, but the result is a juicy bird Juicy meat and crispy skin are the hallmarks of deep-fried turkey. Chicken · Cook the Book: Country Fried Steak · View All Deep Frying Recipes. You really should do this, and not only because it's badass. It just tastes better. Like all things, turkey tastes better when it's deep-fried. The process can be And fried turkey breast? It isn't dry, it's moist and delicious. Learn our recipe for perfect Cajun Fried Turkey. The deep frying process seals the outside so the turkey meat remains incredibly juicy.