If you meant to say to a friend: I'm excited to see you tonight. And translated “I'm excited” in French to “Je suis excité(e) de te voir ce soir”. J'ai hâte, which has been suggested, specifically means I can't wait. If you're already in Disneyland, and want to say I'm so excited to be in. I just found out that when I say that I'm excited in French, that there's a sexual connotation that is unintentional on my part. Is there a way for.

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Je suis excité” is a commonly debated phrase In this article you will find out what it means and how to say “I am excited” in French. sentences containing i'm so excited – French-English dictionary and search engine for Dictionary English-French . I am very excited to say that we are [ ]. Many translated example sentences containing i am excited – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations.

As in all translation, it depends on the context. If you are eager to do something “ Je suis impatient(e)” is a good choice, though it sounds odd to. Excited has many meanings in English, from happy to agitated, and including aroused. The is no single French word that covers all of them so. French doesn't have the excited/aroused lexical pair that English does, “I usually say 'Je suis heureuse' ['I'm happy'] or 'J'ai hâte de' ['I'm.

French Translation of “excited” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over French translations of English words and phrases. I'm very excited about playing for the national team. American English: excited; Arabic. I just want to say to a friend that I am looking forward to seeing her at the weekend and excited aboutbeing able to be at her wedding. we went on in french class saying bitch in french, because we thought it meant dog like . Je suis excité can mean I am excited in Quebecois. Because I'm typically short on things to say to express these feelings of excitement or amazement. As a result, I will say something that does not truly reflect. Bonjour Sukanya! That's a trickier question than it looks:) Indeed, in French when you say Je suis excité(e), it immediately takes a sexual connotation. And you. I feel like the English world is a lot more fun than the French one.” But you wouldn't usually hear someone say “I'm excited about this new. There isn't an equivalent phrase in French for “I'm excited” but you can convey the same sentiment by saying J'ai hâte de (jhey aht duh). For example, if I say “the band U2 is playing live this week” and you love U2, you might say, “I am so excited” which translates exactly to French as “je suis excité”. your French. Here are 13 things you shouldn't say in France. I'm in! Wouldn't it be awkward to yell “I am horny” to your French friend instead of “I eat in a dirty way?”. .. Mine was not nearly so exciting but in some ways a bit worse. I was a. We'll focus on I'm excited. It's commonly translated word for word. Listen to today's episode to discover how to translate I'm excited like a.