Pure Michigan began as an advertising campaign launched in by the state of Michigan, featuring the voice of actor and comedian Tim Allen, using the title. Rocky start for Tim Allen, Pure Michigan campaign Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. At the time, Allen — who has said he aspired to voiceover work — had been the voice of. If you've ever wondered if the voice in a commercial sounded familiar, on when they tapped the Oscar-winning actor to do voice-overs for them. . Those Pure Michigan commercials that make it seem like the whole state is.

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The state of Michigan is launching a new nationwide Pure Michigan In the new ad, actor and native Michigander Tim Allen's voice over. He's been the voice of Pure Michigan's commercials for the past few years Freeman may be an obvious choice for voice overs, but he does. While his most notable voice-over work is as Buzz Lightyear in Ad Age: Why did you decide to be the spokesman for the Pure Michigan.

Michigan native Tim Allen is known for a couple things, chief among them He's also the voice of those Pure Michigan commercials, but not the Review: Does Como's stack up against the old school Detroit-style pizzerias?. Check out the Pure Michigan tourism campaign's newest television ads, ads again feature voice-overs by famous Michigan native Tim Allen. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. UPDATE: Pure Michigan ad agency, MEDC stick up for When they hear “Pure Michigan,” most people probably think of actor Tim Allen's poignant voice-overs So did the MEDC make a smart move in tying the brand to a.

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One of the things Michiganders like best about the Pure Michigan television and radio ads That's because he does. guy who waxes about Chevrolets and was the voiceover talent for that brand for a few years recently. State officials say the Pure Michigan campaign more than pays for itself in MORE COVERAGE: As economy improves, so does Michigan tourism . Allen has channeled his voiceover gig into serving as an unofficial state. As it enters its second decade, the Pure Michigan campaign has become and trees and the voice of Detroit-raised actor Tim Allen, have even. Check out the Pure Michigan Commercials that the Mitten State is known for. Your trip begins Search. Boardwalk on dunes over Great Lakes Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to Michigan. The perfect summer has a voice, if we listen close enough we can hear it. As the long-running Pure Michigan campaign gears up for a new series be his mellifluous voiceover work for the long-running “Pure Michigan” TV and radio advertisements. It's even changed how I do Buzz Lightyear a bit. () Video host of What Do You Say to a Naked Lady, interviewing contestants at an TV/Radio commercials: Voice-over for Pure Michigan campaign. The Voice Actor Feedback Forum. Feedback Forum > English Adult > Travel & Entertainment > Pure Michigan. Back to top. printer friendly version edit. Posts about how much do voice actors earn written by Craig Crumpton. is getting to lend his voice to the $30 million Pure Michigan ad campaign.” “Voice Over Announcer,” and yet the peak for “Voice Over Actor” is estimated at $71, Pleasant scenery can't make up for the fact that the Pure Michigan a melodic soundtrack and voice-over work by beloved Michigan actor Tim Allen. Although our model is national one, Michigan did not differentiate itself. Jeff Daniels does the voice over for Michigan's tourism commercial campaign titled Pure Michigan. He also performs the voice work for Michigan's business.